Original Used Cobas e411 Analyzer Cobas E411Chemistry-Immunossay Analyser Cobas Chemistry Analyzers In Good Condition

Short Description:

System Fully automated, immunoassay analyzer for random access
processing of ECL-based immunoassays (cobas e system format)


Types of modules

1. cobas e 411 disk analyzer

2. cobas e 411 rack analyzer

3.Optional System Table (cabinet); Optional System Table Extension (for printer)

Product Detail

Product Tags


System conponents

Self contained bench top analyzer comprising an analytical unit and a customized user interface

System interfaces RS232 serial interface, bidirectional

Throughput Up to 86 tests/hour

Number of reagent channels
18 channels (reagent slots) for maximum of 18 tests

Programmable test parameters

N/A, programming-by-loading (PBT) concept, application data are transferred without operator intervention from the 2D barcode of the reagent pack (RP) into the instrument database

Sample material Serum/plasma, urine, others

Sample input/output

1.Disk Model: 30 positions for samples, calibrators and controls
2.Rack Model: 15 racks with 5 samples each (= 75 samples in/out)
3.STAT port: STAT samples are processed with priority

Sample volume 10 – 50 μl

Sample clot detection Standard (pressure sensor)

Sample barcode types Code 128; Codabar (NW 7); Interleaved 2 of 5; Code 39

Control unit Microsoft® Windows® XP-based panel PC

Calibrator/QC input

cobas e system-specific barcoded CalSet vials on disk or racks

Calibration methods
Lot calibration (L-cal); Reagent Pack (RP) calibration (R-Cal)

QC methods

1. Individual QC and cumulative QC
2. Up to 100 controls pre-programmable
3. Preventive QC after calibration of the stand-by cobas e packs

Data storage capacity

1.The memory contains data files necessary for the analyzer and software to work together:

- Reagent Data File: Up to 300 reagent packs

- Sample Data File: Up to 2000 test records (for samples and controls)

- Calibration Data File: Up to 160 calibrators

- QC Data File: Capacity up to 100 controls

- Operating Parameter Data File: Up to 305 reagent applications

- Up to 20 operator IDs


Electrical requirements

1. 230/110 Volts AC; 1,000 kVA (disk), 1,250 kVA (rack)
2. Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz +/- 0.5%

Water/Waste requirements

1.Water: Bacteria free, de-ionized water supply, resistance of < 10 μS/cm
2.Liquid waste: Onboard waste container (4 liter), direct drain optional

Operating conditions

1. Ambient temperature: 18 to 32°C
2. Ambient humidity: 20 to 80% RH (without condensation)
3. Heat Output: 2,879 kJ/hr (analyzer unit)
4. Noise Output: 60 dBA (stand-by), 63 dBA (operation avg.)

Physical dimensions

1. Width (disk/rack): 120 cm / 170 cm 47.2 in / 67 in
2. Depth (disk/rack): 73 cm / 95 cm 28.7 in / 37.4 in
3. Height: 80 cm / 31.4 in (closed top cover) 109 cm / 43 in (opened top cover)


1. Disk: 180 kg / 397 lbs
2. Rack: 250 kg / 551 lbs

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