original 5 part hematology analyzer BC-5000VET Original BC-5000VET veterinary cbc machine bc-5000vet price bc5000vet

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Mairay bc-5000 fully automated hematology cell analyzer
• miniaturized design, semiconductor laser light source
• highly integrated circuit systems
• inbuilt reagent bottles
• 10.4 Cun color LED touchscreen
• support for terminal whole blood testing modalities
• 4 USB interfaces to facilitate data transfer and extend hardware
• working temperature 10-30 degrees C
• three angle laser light scattering
• independent basophil detection channel with optical detection
• pre dilution mode with high dilution ratio
• low value PLT assays are more sensitive
• lower purchasing cost without external placement of PC
• the leukocyte pentaplex assay is achieved with as few as 3 reagents, reducing assay cost
• optimized liquid path system with reduced reagent consumption
• reproducible assay once in predilution mode




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