Clinical Laboratory Analytical Instruments Au400 Immunoassay Analyzer

Short Description:

1. Name and model
Instrument name: automatic analyzer
Model: AU400


2 manufacturer
Japan Olympus optics Co., Ltd


3 detection range
Measuring wavelength: 13 wavelengths, 340-800m
The absorbance range is 0-3.0od, and dual wavelength mode can be adopted

Product Detail

Product Tags

The instrument is an instrument for in vitro diagnosis. It is a fully automated system for biochemical analysis of plasma, serum, urine, pleural and ascites, cerebrospinal fluid and other samples. The instrument can test 400 items an hour, and can directly transmit and print the results through the computer. It has the advantages of fast and accurate.

Olympus AU400 biochemical analyzer can detect a number of biochemical items through various methods, including all items of liver function (17 items), liver function (8 items), kidney function (6 items), myocardial enzyme (5 items), blood lipid (7 items), protein (4 items), amylase and other biochemical combination items, and can also detect any small item of any item. The instrument is easy to operate and is the most commonly used instrument for biochemical detection of samples.

AU400: colorimetric constant speed 400 test / h, ise600 test / h. The best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Leading technology, perfect design, exquisite workmanship and reliable quality.
Japan Olympus Optical Co., Ltd., which is well-known all over the world, integrates many years of experience in developing and producing large-scale and large-scale production analysis instruments, and applies the latest digital technology to launch AU400 in-process full-automatic biochemical analyzer

Optical path system

The world’s leading cluster optical path and holographic grating technology of Olympus are adopted to make the wavelength range wider and the stability higher. Combined with high-speed full digital technology, the detection signal is transmitted through digital optical fiber in the machine, which greatly reduces all kinds of interference, improves the detection accuracy and speed, realizes ultra micro detection, and the test capacity is as low as 150 μ l。
Thermostatic system

The original circulation heating mode of thermostatic liquid integrates the advantages of dry air bath and water bath. The thermostatic liquid is a liquid with high heat capacity, strong heat storage energy and no corrosion, which makes the constant temperature uniform and stable. In addition, the cuvette is hard quartz glass that can be used permanently, which is free from regular replacement and maintenance.

Emergency turntable

The 22 position emergency turntable with refrigeration device can insert emergency samples at any time, and can set inserts and calibrators without taking them out. It can carry out periodic property control and calibration at any time, which is suitable for more tests with high requirements. The ad hoc has a “hair trigger” function, which can easily complete the work even without operation experience.
Injection system

Using the internationally popular sample rack injection method, the original collection vessel can be directly put on the machine, which is convenient and flexible. It can continuously inject samples. It is also equipped with a full bar code identification system, which lays a foundation for the full automation of the experiment.

Probe system

The latest intelligent probe safety system, once the probe encounters obstacles, the probe immediately stops moving and gives an alarm. The sample probe is also equipped with a probe blocking alarm system. When the probe is blocked by clots, blood lipids, fibrin and other substances in the sample, the machine will automatically alarm and flush the probe, skip the current sample and measure the next sample.
Mixing system

Unique three head double cleaning mixing system, the mixing rod is micro spiral stainless steel, and the surface is made of “TEFLON” without coating to avoid liquid adhesion. When one group is mixing, the other two groups are cleaned at the same time to ensure more sufficient mixing, cleaner flushing and minimize cross pollution.

operating system

The operating system is the latest Windows NT interface, which is more convenient to realize network work. The national shape design is convenient, intuitive and powerful. It is a fully open reagent system, and samples can be pre diluted at will. Online operation instructions, fault instructions and fault handling methods make it easier for operators to master the machine and eliminate faults. The instrument is equipped with a full bar code identification system to automatically identify reagents, sample racks, sample numbers and items to be tested, so as to realize computer intelligent operation. Remote communication can be realized through Internet.

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