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1、Beckman Kurt AU5800 automatic biochemical analyzer is designed for large or very large clinical laboratories and commercial laboratories, automatic biochemical analyzer can be configured according to the amount of laboratory testing. In addition to adhering to the precision, economy and simplicity of the company’s products, the new automatic biochemical analysis system is also added with more flexible and intelligent features. The advanced whole-process quality management system (QMS) will bring the innovation of inspection quality.
2、AU5800 automatic biochemical analyzer series is equipped with three independent track intelligent sample transfer system. When emergency samples are added during routine sample testing or unprogrammed samples need to jump the track over the analysis unit, the dedicated priority track provides a more flexible option for sample frame transport.

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The au480 fully automated biochemistry analyzer is both a workhorse biochemical test instrument for use in laboratories in small and medium-sized hospitals and a specialized or emergency analyzer for use in large medical institutions. The au480 fully automated biochemical analyzer applies all digital bus technology (controller area network can technology) to the biochemical analysis system, and the analysis speed can reach 400 photometric test / hour, 600 electrolyte test / hour, in addition, the 63 online test items as well as user-defined sample processing, enabling the au480 fully automated biochemical analyzer to comprehensively meet the detection needs of your laboratory.


Sample loading area

• movable sample trays
• 2x20 specimen rack loading capacity for 400 specimens simultaneously with continuous injection
• sample holder common to the Au family family
• sample tubes of different sizes can be mixed for injection

Preferential injection (STAT) port

• the au5800 fully automated biochemistry analyzer can load up to 20 samples simultaneously
• a higher priority than routine samples results in a shorter sample turnaround time
• have higher priority than routine samples when loading calibration and quality control samples

More rapid and superior performance
Module composition analysis system

• one to 4 analytical units optional, single or dual ISE units optional
• detection speed covers 2000 to 9800 tests per hour

High quality sampling, reaction (incubation) and colorimetric system

• two arm two probe design with a loading cycle of 3.6 seconds
• precise ultra micro sampling technique with a single test sample size as low as 1 μ 50. The minimum reaction volume was as low as 80 μ L
• dry incubation system with built-in constant temperature circulation, more stable temperature
• permanent quartz glass cuvettes
• improve precision in loading, mixing, and photometry using all digital bus technology (can technology)

Precise sampling control techniques

• powerful bubble detection technology
• highly sensitive clot probing technique
• probe anticollision protection

Enhanced overall cleaning system

• multi step reaction cup cleaning system with more thorough washing by warm water
• multi headed rotary stir bar wash system
• waterfall probe wash system

More efficient and concise processes
Remarkable sample track design

• an independent three track sample delivery method (including regular sample track, emergency sample track and sample return track) that truly enables random testing of emergency samples
• ultra high 400 samples are taken on at the same time to maximize your off-machine operation time
• stand alone emergency sample location prioritizes injection
• connectable full laboratory automated pipeline

More flexible and convenient operation
Advanced daily OS

• affectionate all Chinese operating platform
• new graphical user interface (GUI)
• sample status monitoring

Low cost of routine maintenance

• dry incubation system with built-in constant temperature circulation reduces routine maintenance
• permanent quartz glass cuvettes with reduced frequency of daily maintenance

Advanced maintenance maintenance procedures

• simple and rapid 3 steps for 60 seconds maintenance maintenance procedures without tools, adjustments, and positioning

A greener and environmentally friendly concept
Practising a green and environmentally friendly Philosophy

• up to 40% lower reagent consumption and 60% lower electricity consumption compared to earlier generation products
• less disposable consumption (dry incubation system, permanent quartz glass cuvette)
• generate less noise (down to 60dB) and waste waste

Product characteristics

Fully automated biochemical assay systems designed for large or ultra large clinical laboratories and commercial laboratories.
Modular design, single module 2000 test / hour of ultra high performance spectrophotometry test, up to 4 modules can be connected simultaneously.
Can be arbitrarily configured based on the volume of assays in your laboratory, which covers 2000 to 9800 tests per hour
Multiple configurations, 1 to 4 analytical units optional.
*Each unit tests items simultaneously in the machine up to 54 items.
*The complete set can preset up to 120 analysis items.
Single or dual ISE cells optional.
Smart graphical user interface.
With precise Microsampling techniques, single test sample sizes can be as low as 1.0 μ l. The total reaction volume was as low as 80 μ l。
Ultra high 400 samples take up the power at the same time, maximizing your off-machine operation time
Independent three track sample delivery means - including regular sample tracks, emergency sample tracks and sample return tracks.
*Truly realized emergency sample random test.
An advanced full-scale quality management system (QMS) will lead to a revolution in quality of inspection.
Simple and rapid 3-step 60-s maintenance maintenance procedures that simplify routine operations.
Designed for connection to full laboratory automation pipeline
Dual loading system and dual colorimetric system.
Has a point light source system unique to the Au family.
Permanent, high quality quartz glass cuvettes for low cost.
Long life ion selective electrode.
Full assay results traceability.
Incubation in non-contact dry and constant temperature mode, temperature control is more accurate and stable.
With a special stirring technique, the stir bar is cleaned with stirring twice a week, which allows washing with stirring at the same time and improves the operational efficiency of the instrument.
Sample needle reagent needles are washed in a "" waterfall "" fashion without secondary contamination
The cuvettes were washed in a nine step process to ensure more thorough washing
Liquid concentrated reagents, longer on machine stability, large single bottle test volumes, and reduced the frequency of off-load reagents and reagent losses.
Punctuated graphical all Chinese operating software.
Analysis system: randomized injection fully automated biochemical analysis system with emergency testing capabilities.
Analytical principle: spectrophotometry and potentiometry.
Types of analysis: endpoint method, rate method, fixation time method and indirect ion selective electrode method (ISE).
Analytical methods colorimetric, turbidimetric, latex agglutination, homogeneous enzyme immunoassay, and indirect ion selective electrode (ISE) were used.
Test menu items: 125 items.
Programmable project parameters: 120 items.
Simultaneous determination of items:
Au5811 one analytical unit (with one ISE unit): 57 items.
Au5821 two analysis units (with one ISE unit): 111 items.
Au5831 three analytical units (with one ISE unit): 120 items.
Au5841 four analytical units (with one ISE unit): 120 items.

Test speed

Au5811 one analytical unit (with one ISE unit): up to 2000 spectrophotometric tests / h and up to 900 ion selective electrode tests / h.
Au5821 two analytical units (with one ISE unit): up to 4000 spectrophotometric test / h and up to 900 ion selective electrode test / h.
Au5831 three analytical units (with one ISE unit): up to 6000 spectrophotometric tests / h and up to 900 ion selective electrode tests / h.
Au5841 four analytical units (with one ISE unit): up to 8000 spectrophotometric tests / h and up to 900 ion selective electrode tests / h.
ISE unit (optional): one analytical unit: up to 900 tests / hr.
Two analytical units: up to 1800 test / hr.
Sample type: serum, plasma, urine and / or other fluids
Sample capacity: 400 samples (2x200 rack unit).
10 samples per rack (with original tube and barcode scan of sample rack).
Emergency samples were injected through the emergency rack to the emergency inlet.
Sample tube: original sample tube and aliquot sample tube: inner diameter 9 to 15 mm, height 55 to 102 mm: nestable microsample cup.
Sample size: 1.0 μ L - 17 μ L(0.1 μ L-step).
Sample quality analysis: lipemic blood, hemolysis, jaundice index clot detection and probe anticollision protection.
Sample barcode format: mixed barcode format: NW7 (Codabar), code 39, code 128, 2 of 5 interleaved and 2 of 5 STD., ISBT code 128.
Reagent Bin: R1: 54 positions, R2: 54 positions; Reagent tanks were all refrigerated at 4 ° C-12 ° C.
Reaction cup: permanent quartz glass cuvette.
Reaction temperature: 37 ° C.
Reaction cup incubation mode: dry incubation.
Wavelength: 13 wavelength, 340-800 nm, single / dual wavelength test.
Calibration: straight, broken line, approximated curve, linear function, master curve.
Automated advanced calibration.
Up to 200 calibrators can be preset for a single curve up to 7 points.
Historical calibration graphic data may be stored.
QC: built in Westgard QC rules, twin plot
Levey Jennings graphic rules, preset for 100 controls,
Single item up to 10 level QC.
Reflex testing: user defined.
Automated sample predilute: sample reduction / increment or sample predilute retest (5 - to 100 fold dilution).
Online: available for all one-way and two-way communication.
Operating system: Windows ® XP Professional.
Data storage: hard disk storage space for more than 100000 samples.
Up to 400000 reactions tested were monitored.
External USB storage.
Power supply: 220 - 240V (fluctuation + / - 10%).
Water availability:
Mean water consumption: au5811:63.5 L / h.
Au5821: 125.5 L / h.
Au5831: 187.5 L / h.
Au5841: 249.5 L / h.
ISE: 1.5 L / h / cell.
Water quality: Deionized water cap class II, bacteria free, continuous supply.
Conductivity: at 0.5 μ μ M filter and filtered to achieve 2.0 μ S / cm around.
Temperature and humidity: 18 ° C - 32 ° C, 40% - 80% relative humidity (no coagulation).
Drain requirements: built in waste pump.
Drain requirements: maximum height from floor < 1.5m.


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