Abbott I1000sr Abbott Analyzer Medic Medical Automatic Luminescence Analyzer Abbott I1000sr For Clinical Laboratory Equipment

Short Description:

Architect I000SR system is an automatic immunoanalysis system based on chemiluminescent microparticle immunoanalysis (CMIA) detection technology. Architect I000SR system enables random, continuous, priority and automatic re-run mode operations for detection of both macromolecules and small molecules.

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Product Description

The architect i000sr system is a fully automated immunoassay system based on chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay (CMIA) detection technology. The architect i000sr system operates in random, continuous, preferential, and automated rerun modes for the detection of both macromolecular and small molecular species.
Waste bag size
25’’x35’’(63.5cm x 88.9cm)
Upper computer data storage
L terminus
L historical information
L printer
LQC results
L results of preservation
L temporal information
L results not saved
µ l Kit
13000 applications / results
12000 information
10 print applications
25000 results
50000 results
200 information
6500 results
Kit 2000 recording
Pre excitation liquid
Running the center reaction cup track
Position 112
Reactive cup
μ l of total volume
L large reaction volume
Reagent turntable
Kit 25x100
Kit 25x500
RV (reaction cup) vessel volume
1200 RVs reactive cup
Sample holder
L five tubes per sample rack
L 25 sample racks per sample rack placement track
Sample cuvettes
L of total
Excitation fluid
Cleaning solution capacity
L 25 L
l55. 0 Ib(25kg)
Waste waste capacity
L liquid
L solid
Drain down or drain waste pump externally
Capacity = 5 hours off-machine time, 200 tests / hour (1000 RVs total)
Note: during the dumping of the solid waste container, the active shut can continue to store 50 RVs (~ 15 min run time)

Description of product operation

Bar code reader
Reagent turntable, sample placement track and sample run track
Upper computer data saving
Hard disk
Operating modes
Random and continuous mode, with preferential placement
Operation interface
System control center touchscreen and keyboard, running center module keyboard, sample processing module keyboard, barcode scanner (optional)
Typing power
Mechanical precision and probing for clots
Quality Control
Levey Jennings plots and Westgard rules
Sample barcoding
Codabar, code 39, interleaved 20 of 5, code 128 subset a, B and C
Sample type
For serum, plasma, and other body fluids, please refer to the reagent instructions
Sample size
See reagent instructions
Protection of storage data
UPS (optional)
Principle of detection
Chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassay technology (CMIA)
L upper machine reagent temperature
L reaction temperature
L time to first outcome
200 test / HR
L29 min (no pretreatment)
L 36-43 min (with pre-treatment


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