A-Faith Hitachi Refurbished 7020 chemistry analyzer Used automatic biochemistry analyzer machine for lab equipment

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Function parameters of Hitachi 7020 automatic biochemical analyzer :1. Maximum 36 tests, constant speed 200 tests per hour. 2, specially designed for Chinese users of touch-based LCD operation screen. 3. The spectrophotometric system USES the world’s first phase-free etched concave grating (patented by Hitachi). The testing range is 340-800nm, with 12 wavelengths to choose from, the service life can reach 20 years, and the linear absorbance range is 0-3.2Abs.

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Constant velocity

In the same speed range of biochemical instruments are mostly maximum speed, the actual use of a big discount, can not meet the needs of hospitals. Hitachi 7020 sets of large biochemical technology design, testing capacity of constant speed 200 test/hour. Fully meet the needs of scientific research.

The test is reliable

The core system of Hitachi biochemical instrument -- the spectroscopic system has the best performance: the spectroscopic system USES the world's first Hitachi grating (Hitachi patent), with high spectroscopic precision and long service life. At the same time, in order to prevent the interference of stray light, the mask technology is newly developed to make the light transmittance of the spectrophotometer system stronger, the linear width is further widened, the linear range of absorbance is up to 0-3.2a, and the sensitivity is the highest.

Accurate temperature control

The temperature control system of Hitachi Biochemical analyzer adopts the circulating thermostatic water bath temperature control system patented by Hitachi, and the temperature control accuracy can reach 37±0.1℃.

Add samples accurately

Hitachi Biochemical analyzer's sample adding mechanism adopts the hollow structure and ceramic technology patented by Hitachi, without contact and wear, which can effectively ensure the same sample adding precision for different service life.

In addition, precise digital stepping motor control technology is adopted, and the sampling precision can reach 0.1ul/ stepping.

The injection needle was changed from plane design to bevel grinding technology (no residue in the sample), which made the injection amount more accurate and carried no cross contamination.

Convenient operation

A. Biochemical analyzer that can be operated in Chinese is conducive to domestic users' proficiency in operating the instrument

B. Peripheral Chinese data management system implements Chinese data management and standardizes experimental reports.

C. Maintenance-free design idea, the most simple maintenance of operating instruments.

D. Multi-functional sample plate, can be directly used in various specifications of the original serum tube, meet the fast

Fast detection requirements, cost saving.

Complete functions

A. Adopt the detection technology of the whole reaction process, so that the operator can grasp the test situation in the whole process.

B. Flexible reaction time and 3 reagents can be added.

C. Reaction methodologies increased to 11. Can effectively carry out more projects, increase revenue.

D. Intelligent scheduling and sorting function can avoid cross contamination between tests and ensure the accuracy of results.

E. The horizontal and vertical protection function of sample needle, instantaneous power failure protection function, etc., ensure the safe use of the instrument.

F. The reagent is completely open, the test reagent is micro-quantized, and the use cost is low


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